Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique in Charlotte NC


Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique in Charlotte NC is a hands-on form of spinal manipulation designed to re-align the vertebra of the spine, specifically in the lumbar spine (or low back), in an extremely safe and pain-free manner.

Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique in Charlotte NC

Flexion-Distraction is appropriate for conditions causing low back pain and leg pain as well as neck and arm pain. It can also reduce pain related to:

  • Disc Herniation
  • Slipped Disc
  • Ruptured Disc
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis & Other Conditions

Having the patient lay prone (or face down) on a specially designed table, the doctor will push the bottom half of the table downward while applying light pressure to the spine with the other hand. The bottom half of the table would then be moved through this flexion motion as the doctor adjusts the spine.

Benefits of Cox Flexion-Distraction Techniques

The objective of this therapy is to expand the space between the vertebra through the application of this mild stretching or tractioning of the back. There are no quick thrusts or extreme pressure. The scientific evidence behind this technique is profound, resulting in many improvements such as:

  • Dropping Intradiscal Pressure To As Low As - 192mm Hg
  • Widening The Spinal Canal Foraminal Area By 28%
  • Reducing Pressure On The Spinal Nerves
  • Returning Motion To The Spinal Joints

If you're experiencing neck pain, back pain, or symptoms that radiate down the arms or legs, call our office today to make an appointment. You deserve to be pain-free!


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